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We decided for our final semester of polish for our game Dino Delivery to add fully animated in engine cinematics for the game. I was the only remaining animator on the team so it all fell on me to pull it together on the art side.
First I started by importing our game terrain. I trimmed it to have only the pieces we needed. Then I imported some foliage to line up with the game’s foliage for camera shots. All of this was just to gain context. I referenced in the rig of our star for this particular shot, Sheila, knowing I was probably going to end up tweaking her rig.
from there I blocked out the animation and set up the camera. Since this was the scene where Sheila was smashing the beloved town post office I wanted a lower angle, preferably from where our protagonists would be seeing her. Unfortunately she turned out a bit small and cut off.
from there I added a camera zoom. Adding some drama and establishing what the characters are seeing and allowing the viewer to get in on the action. I also took a second pass at the animation, moving to auto keys.
Then was a final pass at the animation, adding drag and follow through while making sure she stayed on balance and her feet moved as they should. Her rig also ended up getting a little skinning touch ups for this phase.
Finally we implemented the shot into the engine! Using Unreal4’s cameras we recreated the original camera moves and angles using info from the maya scenes. Finally adding our sounds and special effects to bring the key moment in the game to life!
Check out the full cut scene here:
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